Fatal Attraction 2


Revenge is the sweetest victory. What did Gerald do that was so unforgivable, Sharon just won’t stop until she gets even? The perfect love story slowly turned into the dream lover from hell. After dropping out of law school to raise two kids while her husband got his career off the ground, she ends up getting dropped like a bad habit. Gerald took her love, her kids, and her perfect life away all while making a fool of her. Sharon had waited all this time to get the perfect revenge on her not-so-loving husband. Does her plan work out in her favor? Will she finally have a relationship with her youngest son, Rashard? Will Gerald remain an undefeated bastard? Desmond is the oldest son and the first one to seek revenge against his father. After his unborn child and first love are killed because he went against his father, Desmond chooses his mother’s side. Secretly behind his mother’s plan of action to fix his father once and for all, his cold heart is finally warmed, but can he convince his brother to turn on their father without destroying their brotherly bond? Finding love again and having the family he always wanted, things finally work out for him, but there’s one more secret he cannot take to the grave.Victoria and Rashard have been through hell and back, so what else can happen? Beating murder charges, surviving an affair, and having a mental breakdown sound like horrors of the past, but there’s more. How can his deceased baby mama haunt them from her grave? That dark shadow following them around is finally revealed, and she’s coming for her grandchild. Rashard Hamilton is his father’s son and will make sure if you come for his family, it will be your last breath or your last chance. Mrs. D knows Rashard had something to do with her daughter’s death, and he took the only piece of her that was left. Watching her daughter’s killer living his best life while holding her grandchild hostage, Mrs. D stoops to his level. Will she get her grandchild back, or does she make a deal with the devil?