Brown Eyed Lies


While pursuing her career, January Jones found love. And just like that, she didn’t have to keep up with the Joneses, she became the Joneses. Instantly becoming a stepmom and surviving baby mama drama that accompanied that, she successfully assisted her husband in building his career. But, what about her happiness? It was slowly turning into acrimony.
Ten years later and she was ready to renew her vows and travel the world. Her son is finally off to college, but she feels as if her marriage has left her too. How would you feel if you found your husband on a dating site? Would you swipe right or left after stumbling across his profile? With a vow renewal and traveling now seeming so far-fetched, what happens when you’re forced to formulate a plan b?
Aubrey Jones waited for what he thought was the perfect time to escape his marriage. Realizing he might have gotten married just to live up to his father’s dreams, he starts evaluating his happiness. Did he choose success over love? Does he love his wife? Looking for some excitement, he joins a dating site. Sprung from the very first click of a mouse, he’s ready for a divorce. Aubrey decides to risk it all for a mystery woman.

One person no longer feels loved, while the other doesn’t realize he’s searching for something he already has. Can you walk away from your soulmate, even if that means losing apart of you? Hearts don’t break even, so who will have enough pieces to move on?